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2 tanks dive in Cancun
Certified divers
MUSA, reef & shipwreck

All included. No extra cost.

Underwater museum & Manchones Reef

Max depth for both dives: 30 feet- 10 meters

Diving requirement: Open water

Immerse yourself in the famous underwater museum, MUSA, and embark on a thrilling reef dive along the enchanting Manchones reef.

MUSA, an extraordinary project initiated in 2009, showcases over 400 submerged statues, each serving as an artificial reef. As you explore this captivating museum, you'll be surrounded by an amazing marine life. The statues have become a vibrant habitat for many species. Keep your eyes open for encounters with moray eels, lobsters, scorpion fish, and many other fascinating creatures that call this underwater oasis their home.

The combination of the MUSA museum and the breathtaking Manchones reef offers a truly unforgettable underwater adventure. Prepare to be captivated by the beauty of this underwater world as you explore, admire, and connect with the incredible marine life that thrives within

Join us for an exploration that combines art, nature, and adventure.

Book your dive today and prepare to embark on a journey like no other.

Included in the price

As part of the package of $110USD, we provide all necessary scuba gear for your dives. This includes a Buoyancy Control Device (BCD), regulator, mask, fins, wet suit, marine park fees & a bottle of water on board.

Our guides speak Spanish, English and French, providing clear communication and guidance throughout the entire experience.

Shipwreck & Punta Cancun reef or 2 reef

Max depth of the wreck: 82 feet- 25 meters

Max depth of the reef: 55 feet- 16 meters

Diving requirement: Advanced Open water for the shipwreck

Embark on your next diving adventure in Cancun as we take you to explore two remarkable shipwrecks, C-55 and C-58 -  will be chosen the day of  the dive. These historic remnants from World War II, once part of the US Navy fleet, have now become vibrant havens for an abundance of marine life.

As you descend into the depths surrounding the shipwrecks, you'll be greeted by the mesmerizing sight of large schools of fish and sometimes eagle rays.The shipwrecks have become an intricate part of the marine ecosystem, attracting a diverse range of species that have made it their home. The second dive will take you to the Punta Cancun reef, an underwater paradise.This reef dive is suitable for divers of various experience levels. Whether you're an avid diver seeking new thrills or a beginner looking to immerse yourself in the wonders of the underwater world, this dive promises an unforgettable journey into the heart of Cancun's aquatic treasures.

Schedule of the day

We are diving by boat and always make 2 dives.

We are going daily to MUSA & reef.

Afternoon dive : Meeting at 11.30am - back around 3.30pm.

We can organize morning dive on request: Meeting at 7.30am - back around 11.30am.

Shipwreck & reef or 2 Punta Cancun reef: Only morning dives
Meeting at 7.30am - back around 11.30am.

To secure your reservation, we kindly request a 50% deposit in advance. This deposit is refundable only if you cancel 48 hours prior to our scheduled meeting or in the event of adverse weather conditions leading to a cancellation on our end. For our U.S. customers, we accept payments via Zelle and Venmo. Mexican and European customers can make payment through bank transfer. International payments from other countries can be made using Wise.The remaining balance can be settled in cash, either in US Dollars or Mexican Pesos. Please be aware that a 4% commission fee will be applied for payments made using Zelle, Venmo, bank transfer, or credit card.

Get ready for more adventures in Cozumel!
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