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Open Water course
Get PADI certified in Cancun and dive all around the world

All included. No extra cost.
2 days of availability minimum

Starting any day
From 10 years old

How getting PADI Open water certified ?

Schedule of the course

The theory part will be done online prior to start the training. You will have to watch videos, to complete several quizzes and a final exam.

The first day we will start to review the theory before to start the training in confined water - swimming pool.

You will learn new skills that will make you have fun while being safe when scuba diving.

You will learn how  to set up your gear but also checking it's save before the dive.

You will learn the safety checks and more skills to practice underwater.

Some of them are clearing your regulator, your mask, practicing emergency scenarios, learning how to control your buoyancy and a lot more!

We will make 4 boat dives in total.

Once you will achieved the requierements of the course you will become a certified diver.

The certification has a lifetime validity. It's accredited by PADI and accepted worldwide by other dive operators as proof of your diving training. It is the world’s most popular scuba course, and has introduced millions of people to the adventurous diving lifestyle.

Once you get certified you’ll never consider another vacation destination without going diving.

We will start at 8am on the first day with the  review of the theory and pool training.

Around 1pm we will go diving by boat and make 2 shallow dives (most of the time we are going to the underwater museum on this day)

The following day we will either dive the deeper reef of Punta Cancun (55feet/16 meters max depth) or the reef of Manchones (30 feet/ 10 meters max depth). Depending of your availability we will dive at 7.30am or at 11.30am.

Requirements to participate

You have to be able to swim.

It's mandatory prior to sign up for the course to fill a medical questionnaire. Please check it here before making your booking.

If you have: asthma, diabetes, high cholesterol level or high blood pressure you will have to consult your practician before to sign up for the course.
The course can be taken from 10 years old.

Minimum availability of 2 days.

No flight 18 hours after the last dive.

To secure your reservation, we kindly request a 50% deposit in advance. This deposit is refundable only if you cancel 48 hours prior to our scheduled meeting or in the event of adverse weather conditions leading to a cancellation on our end. For our U.S. customers, we accept payments via Zelle and Venmo. Mexican and European customers can make payment through bank transfer. International payments from other countries can be made using Wise.The remaining balance can be settled in cash, either in US Dollars or Mexican Pesos. Please be aware that a 4% commission fee will be applied for payments made using Zelle, Venmo, bank transfer, or credit card.

Get more experience by doing more fun dives!
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