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Why and how becoming a PADI Open water diver in Cancun ?

Imagine that you could dive in -almost-every water in the world.

From tropical places, to caves, lakes,shipwrecks or even under the ice. Learning about marine life, joigning an international community and making new friends,

The PADI Open Water is the first level certification of recrationnal scuba diving.

It allows you to dive up to 18meters/60 feet, always with a buddy. Everywhere in the world.

Everytime you go on holidays somewhere you can go to any PADI dive shop and sign up for a certified dive. Which means you won't go in the pool anymore and you will spend less money. As the Discover Scuba Diving program is on average 50USD more expensive than buying a 'fun dive' as a certified diver.

How taking the PADI Open water course with Seatizen Divers in Cancun ?

To get the Open Water certification three part are mandatory:

  • Completing the PADI theory - elearning in our case

  • Practicing skills in confined water - swimming pool in our case

  • Four dives (2 at 12m/40ft max depth/ 2 at 18m/60 ft max depth)

You have plenty of options to organize the course. You could do the full course in the same place or you can split it. Some people prefers to take the pool training somewhere close to where they live and make the four dives during their holidays.

So they can dive sometimes in a nicer place than they have at home and have more time to enjoy holidays.

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